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38963 / 752667
-1 / 67554
Normalized FormN/64d9f23479aeadb1
TLS VersionTLS 1.2
Handshake VersionTLS 1.2
Cipher Suites
exact match
Compression Methodsnull (0x00)
exact match
server_name (0x0000)
signature_algorithms (0x000d)
supported_groups (0x000a)
ec_point_formats (0x000b)
Supported Groups
exact match
sect163k1 (0x0001)
sect163r1 (0x0002)
sect163r2 (0x0003)
sect193r1 (0x0004)
sect193r2 (0x0005)
sect233k1 (0x0006)
sect233r1 (0x0007)
sect239k1 (0x0008)
sect283k1 (0x0009)
sect283r1 (0x000a)
sect409k1 (0x000b)
sect409r1 (0x000c)
sect571k1 (0x000d)
sect571r1 (0x000e)
secp160k1 (0x000f)
secp160r1 (0x0010)
secp160r2 (0x0011)
secp192k1 (0x0012)
secp192r1 (0x0013)
secp224k1 (0x0014)
secp224r1 (0x0015)
secp256k1 (0x0016)
secp256r1 (0x0017)
secp384r1 (0x0018)
secp521r1 (0x0019)
brainpoolP256r1 (0x001a)
brainpoolP384r1 (0x001b)
brainpoolP512r1 (0x001c)
x25519 (0x001d)
x448 (0x001e)
Signature Algorithms
exact match
rsa_pkcs1_sha512 (0x0601)
dsa_sha512 (0x0602)
ecdsa_secp521r1_sha512 (0x0603)
rsa_pkcs1_sha384 (0x0501)
dsa_sha384 (0x0502)
ecdsa_secp384r1_sha384 (0x0503)
rsa_pkcs1_sha256 (0x0401)
dsa_sha256 (0x0402)
ecdsa_secp256r1_sha256 (0x0403)
rsa_sha224 (0x0301)
dsa_sha224 (0x0302)
ecdsa_sha224 (0x0303)
rsa_pkcs1_sha1 (0x0201)
dsa_sha1 (0x0202)
ecdsa_sha1 (0x0203)
EC Point Formatsuncompressed (0x00)
Key Share
PSK Key Exchange Modes
Supported Versions
Certificate Compression Algorithms
Record Size Limit
uTLS generated code

    // deprecated, to be replaced with JSON Parrot Description
User Agents